Nursery pupils’ floor unsafe

Royal High Primary School. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Royal High Primary School. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
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TODDLERS and staff have been forced to “cram” into a primary school classroom after the floor of their nursery was found to be unstable.

Managers decided to shut Royal High Primary nursery after workers complained an area of floorspace close to the entrance was “loose” and “springy”.

Children are currently being accommodated in a classroom in the main school building pending the completion of repairs. Nursery leaders said they expected work to be carried out this week following staff complaints, which were first raised on September 4.

It is understood joiners have removed a section of the floor as part of the repair operation.

Parents today said the episode had left them worried about the nursery’s general state of repair and wondering whether maintenance is sufficiently robust. And they voiced concern over the fact that the nursery – which typically hosts around 25 children during each session – is having to “squeeze” toddlers into a primary school classroom.

Mum Xanthe O’Brien, 45, who has two children at Royal High Primary and a third in the school’s nursery class, said: “I suppose you wonder what state the rest of the building is in.

“But it’s also the kids having to be in the school. It’s difficult for the staff and they have done it as well as they could.

“With younger children, they are running around most of the time and they need more space. The nursery is quite big – there’s an art corner, a writing corner and a home corner, which is set up as a little home.

“They are learning through play. If this went on for longer then that’s not good. They’re not getting access to things they would have access to normally.”

Education leaders stressed that prompt action had been taken to assess the state of the nursery building and ensure the safety of all.

A council spokesman said: “Staff noticed an issue with a small area of floor near the entrance to the nursery and a joiner was called immediately.

“The repairs will be carried out this week and as a temporary measure the nursery pupils have been moved into a classroom in the main school.”

He added: “The Care Inspectorate have been kept fully informed and are quite happy with the arrangements.”