Nursery worker struck off over treatment of toddlers

The SSSC said it was in the public interest that Jacqueline Quinn was struck off. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
The SSSC said it was in the public interest that Jacqueline Quinn was struck off. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
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A SENIOR nursery worker has been struck off for grabbing, pushing and pulling toddlers in her care.

Jacqueline Quinn was also found to have wiped a child’s bottom in the hallway at the £217-a-week Wee Gems nursery in Corstorphine.

She admitted to all of the incidents, which took place on the same day in February last year. The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) has now ruled that Ms Quinn be removed from their register.

Wee Gems confirmed that Quinn was sacked when the allegations came to light.

A report details how she took a two-year-old boy by both arms and threw him to the ground forcefully.

She held the same child to the ground forcefully, grabbed him by the wrist before forcing him to sit down, and handled him whilst wearing an apron and carrying a nappy bag outwith a designated changing area, contrary to her employer’s infection control policy.

Ms Quinn also picked up a little girl, also aged two, by her arms in a rough manner, and abruptly put her in a chair.

She grabbed a third toddler, 
another two-year-old, by the wrist and forcefully pulled him out from under a table. She also forced him to walk by dragging him across the floor. And she wiped a child’s bottom as he stood in a hallway, contrary to infection control policy.

Summing up, the SSSC noted that Ms Quinn’s previous record was good, that no actual injury was caused and she had co-operated with the investigation.

However they also stated: “The misconduct is extremely serious. A warning would offer no protection to service users or the public.

“The type of behaviour at issue is not the type of behaviour which conditions would rectify.

“A removal order is both necessary and justified in 
the public interest and to ensure the continuing trust and confidence in the social service profession, in the council as regulator and in the integrity of the statutory 

Mahyar Martazazi, managing director of Little Gems, said: “We took it over in 2013. We found out about Jacqueline Quinn’s conduct soon afterwards and dismissed her.

“We have since spent over £100,000 in upgrades.

“Overall, our group usually scores between 4 and 5 in inspection grades.”