Private school suspends pupil over ‘drug sale’

The �11,000-a-year Edinburgh Academy. Picture: Andrew Stuart
The �11,000-a-year Edinburgh Academy. Picture: Andrew Stuart
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THE parents of a 13-year-old boy have withdrawn him from a top private school following allegations he tried to sell drugs to classmates.

It is understood the boy was suspended from £11,000-a-year Edinburgh Academy after claims he offered the drugs, believed to be cannabis, to another pupil.

Staff at the school – with Treasure Island author Robert Louis Stevenson and Mastermind presenter Magnus Magnusson among its former pupils – said they had investigated the claims and found no evidence an illegal substance was distributed. However, the prestigious campus was yesterday abuzz with talk of the alleged incident.

One school source claimed: “On Friday afternoon one of the boys at the school was caught trying to deal drugs.

“He’s in the 3rds year – which is S2 in other schools – so is 13 at the very oldest. He had found theml. He probably thought, ‘Hey, I could make some money here’, before bringing them in. The school had to take action and he’s been excluded.

“All the kids were talking about it so it was just a matter of time before he was found out.

“The parents were quite concerned when they found out what had been going on.”

Academy bosses said the allegations had been fully investigated and no drugs found.

A spokesman said: “The allegation has been investigated in line with the school’s strict policy. No evidence has been found of an illegal substance being present on the school campus. The parents of the pupil concerned have decided to withdraw their child from the school.”

Private schools in Scotland generally have a policy of zero tolerance towards drug possession and there have been several large-scale expulsions in the past decade.

Fettes College, where ex-prime minister Tony Blair attended, expelled four pupils in 2009 for smoking cannabis on the grounds.

Another 15 were suspended and given counselling before returning to the school.

Edinburgh Academy, which schooled nine Victoria Cross winners during its 190-year history, made the headlines after it banned footballs on health and safety grounds.