School-based stress makes pupils likely to self-harm

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YOUNGSTERS in the Capital are increasingly likely to self-harm because of school-related stress, welfare leaders have warned.

Managers at ParentLine Scotland said the content of calls received by advice workers indicated a number of young people in the Lothians were harming themselves because of classroom-based problems such as bullying and worries over the transition from primary to secondary school.

The warning comes as a survey of 2000 individuals across the UK by research firm YouGov showed 29 per cent of respondents had harmed themselves on purpose, while 32 per cent had considered or attempted to end their own life by the age of 16.

Jill Cook, ParentLine Scotland manager, said: “Anecdotal evidence from our services in Lothian and calls to our national ParentLine service indicates that many young people do self-harm for a variety of reasons, including problems at school.”