Uni Principals to be lectured on salary rise

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EDINBURGH University principal Sir Tim O’Shea and his counterparts from other Scottish universities were facing a grilling from MSPs today.

Labour higher education spokeswoman Claire Baker warned they would have some tough questions to answer on a report showing the pay bill for senior management in universities had risen from £12m six years ago to £16m now.

The report was produced by the lecturers’ union UCU Scotland. Edinburgh University recently caused controversy by deciding to charge students from the rest of the UK the maximum £36,000 for a four-year course.

Ms Baker said: “The question of who runs Scotland’s universities and how much they are paid is very important. It seems rather strange that at a time when sky high fees are being set for students from the rest of the UK that we see pay levels for senior managers rising by up to seven per cent, well above the rate of inflation.

“I would hope the principals will be able to explain the thinking that has led to such pay increases for managers when lecturers are losing their jobs and courses are being cut.”