Emergency services couple to ‘scoot’ five miles round Bonnyrigg with their son in aid of 999 memorial

As a couple used to 999 calls and emergency responses, Kris and Claire McLean are well aware of the dangers faced daily by frontline workers in Scotland’s blue light services.

Tuesday, 24th September 2019, 6:00 am
Claire McLean with Kerr

And to show their appreciation for their brave and dedicated colleagues, the McLeans are taking part in a sponsored scooter ride with their two-year-old son, to raise money for an emergency services memorial.

Kris and Claire McLean aim to raise £250 for the National Emergency Services Memorial with two-year-old Kerr, riding five miles around Bonnyrigg on October 8.

“As we both work for the emergency services we wanted to raise money for this very worthwhile charity,” Mr McLean said.

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Kris McLean and Kerr.

“It needed to be something Kerr could be involved with, and he adores riding his scooter.”

Mr McLean, 39, is in the ambulance service, while Ms McLean, 33, is a police officer.

Kerr was given a scooter for his last birthday, and since then has become “addicted to it”.

“He got more confident and fast, and it became harder and harder to keep up with him,” said Mr McLean.

“We thought, ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’, so we recently got ourselves scooters too.”

The family now go out together on their scooters every day when the two adults come home from work.

They have been preparing hard for the event, and rode almost three miles a few weeks ago.

The McLeans have so far raised just over £200 of their £250 target via a Justgiving page under their name.

“We’re quite humbled by the donations received so far,” said Mr McLean. “Some have been from complete strangers, and it’s humbling to know people think this is a good 

The money will be donated to the National Emergency Services Memorial, which will honour those who have lost their lives in the course of duty for the emergency services, as well as those currently 

While there are already monuments to various departments of the emergency services, there is so far no single memorial to all services.

The £3 million monument will be a cenotaph with five figures to represent the police, fire, ambulance, search and rescue and coastguard services, as well as a service dog.

“It’s important not only to honour those fallen but also to support the families left behind and help them to cope,” said Mr McLean.

“It’s something I’ve become very passionate about, and as we both work in potentially dangerous jobs it’s something that rings very close to home.”

The sponsored scoot will take place on October 8, providing the weather is good enough.

“There may even be an ice cream at the end,” said Mr McLean.