Endangered shark pups on display

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SHARK pups bred at Deep Sea World in what is thought to have been a world first are to go on public display for the first time.

The angel shark pups, which are listed as critically endangered, were born at the North Queensferry aquarium in December last year.

Since then they have been kept in the aquarium’s quarantine area, but they are now ready to join public exhibits at the attraction next month.

Deep Sea World’s Michael Morris said: “We’ve designed a purpose-built new display for the sharks, which are now the size of dinner plates. The themed display will provide visitors of all ages with eye-level views of these extraordinary pups. We are also incorporating a lot of information about angel sharks and the very real risk that they could become extinct within our lifetimes.

“Hopefully these beautiful pups will act as ambassadors for the whole species and help to raise awareness about their plight.”

Angel sharks, which spend most of their time living on the sea floor, get their name from their pectoral fins which look like an angel’s wings.