Enjoy musical train journey to festival

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A CHARITY organiser is to transform a train into a “musical express”.

Syd Harris has hired a locomotive to take choral music fans to the Cancer Research UK Festival of Brass and Voices event in London later this year.

The journey will begin in Inverness and stop to pick up passengers in Edinburgh before continuing on its merry way.

Passengers will be joined by around 250 singers who will be performing at the November event at the Royal Albert Hall. The last Festival, in 2009, raised £150,000 for Cancer Research UK.

Mr Harris, 78, said: “We decided the best way to take all the choirs from Scotland to London would be to hire a train. It should make for a musical journey.

“There remains lots of space on the train and we hope that people who would like to come will book a ticket for this really special journey.”

The 30-strong Linlithgow Ladies Choir will be among the groups on the service.

For further information, contact the Festival of Brass and Voices on 01484 647146 or e-mail janet@qcdesigns.co.uk