Abbeyhill artists set to showcase works

Aileen Paterson with Maisie the Morningside Moggie
Aileen Paterson with Maisie the Morningside Moggie
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MAISIE of Morningside returns to Abbeyhill this weekend. There’s also a treasure hunt, live music and more than 60 artists showcasing their work in their own homes. All of which can mean but one thing, it’s time for the Abbeyhill Colony of Artists 12th Annual Exhibition.

The Abbeyhill colonies, close to the top of Easter Road, were built by railway workers in the late 19th Century after a working hours dispute saw them locked out of their building site.

During the three month dispute local tradesmen built more than 2,000 houses in the city.

That sense of community was reignited in 2005, when the inaugural Colony Of Artists exhibition brought the artists of the area together for the first ever event of its kind in the city.

This year’s event features more than 60 artists in 50 plus venues, transforming Abbeyhill into a unique gallery.

Highlights of the weekend include a screening of The Singing Street, a short film made in 1950 and first screened in 1951. Made by a group of teachers from Norton Park School, who filmed pupils playing street games, accompanied by traditional children’s songs, it documented an oral tradition which has all but vanished.

This film will be screened as part of a Local History Exhibit in the upstairs lounge of The Artisan bar on London Road.

At Abbeyhill Primary school meanwhile, Maisie of Morningside author Aileen Paterson will give daily readings from her famous children’s book series.

Other events include a treasure hunt awaits also at Abbeyhill Primary, live music at the Holland House music venue, organised by The Safari Lounge and Campervan Brewery.

Abbeyhill Colony of Artists Annual Exhibition, Sat 23- Sun 24 Sep, Noon-6pm, visit