All is not as it seems in surreal exhibition

Structural Fiction by Andrew Henderson
Structural Fiction by Andrew Henderson
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LOCAL sculptor and artist Andrew Henderson has developed a surrealistic approach to his work thanks to a background in filmmaking and theatrical production design.

The experience has allowed him to craft landscapes that are engaging, evocative and sometimes disturbing, as can be seen in his latest exhibition, Corpus, which runs at Studio Flamingosaurus Rex, Bruntsfield Place, until Friday.

On display are ‘around’ 30 pieces: “It depends how you count them,” says Henderson who also works under the title The Omnishambles.

A graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art, Henderson is currently based at the Edinburgh Palette’s Studios at St Margaret’s House, Meadowbank.

He explains, “Corpus is an exhibition of microcosmic sculpture...”

Consequently, the pieces include an alien-like human figure and a miniature forest,

Describing the centre-piece of the exhibition, a work he has called Structural Fiction, Henderson says, “This is a piece about the structures and systems we create to sustain ourselves and our relationship to them.

“In brief, it’s about how these things at first seem to be supporting us, when in fact the real arrangement is the reverse.

“Our misunderstanding of where the structure comes from leads to it restraining, rather than supporting us.”

He continues, “So what I’d like to achieve with this show, and with all my work in this vein, is to ask people to think about the separation between what they perceive and what actually is.

“Also how we may be sacrificing a more realistic and vital relationship with ourselves and each other in favour of what we believe to be a more stable one.”

Andrew Henderson: Corpus, Flamingosaurus Rex, Bruntsfield Place, until 14 April (not Mondays), 10am-6pm, 07525-430 374, free