Artobotic set to vend art across the Capital

Denny Hunter is the brains behind Artobotic
Denny Hunter is the brains behind Artobotic
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in the past when people asked Denny Hunter to describe himself he would say, “I am a self taught artist...”.

The 42-year-old from Tollcross now calls himself an Art Technician.

“I know who I am and I know why I make art,” he explains. “In fact there are many people out there who do not know they are artists and one of the reasons for that is the influence that the elite have over the artworld.”

He continues, “Many people think that art is just for a select group of individuals who can afford it financially and who have read Wittgenstein.

“It’s simply not true and people should take another look, there is a whole ecosystem of art and artists waiting to be discovered.”

Which is where his latest project comes in, Artobotic, aimed at encouraging ownership of art by the general public.

The idea is simple, sell small, affordable pieces of art from vending machines at locations across the Capital.

“The machines could literally ‘pop-up’ anywhere as they only require a relatively small footprint of wall space.”

The first of the vending machines can be found at The Cuckoo’s Nest pub in Tollcross.

Each box vends at £10, 70% of each sale goes to the artists, 30% pays for boxes, printing, maintenance and keeping the project alive.

“I conceived Artobotic as a way of taking art off gallery walls and straight into cafes, bars and places where you would not expect it, and to make it affordable by simply making it smaller.

“I contacted famous artists, told them what I was doing and asked them if they would like to contribute artwork.

“Now there is a chance that a member of the public could own a work by David Mach, Peter-Randall-Page or KennardPhillips.

The machines vend ‘blind’ so it’s pot luck.”

Keep your eyes peeled.