Ben Elton returns to TV with The Wright Stuff

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BEN Elton has been quiet of late. The man whose writing credits include cult series such as The Young Ones and Blackadder shares his latest offering with Scottish viewers tonight.

The Wright Stuff is a new, six-part series that focuses on the work of the fictional Baselricky Council Health and Safety Department. It’s led by boss Gerald Wright, an exasperated everyman who, when we first meet him, is having a bad day.

He lives with his daughter Susan and her partner Victoria, whose behaviour infuriates him; she’s a bathroom-hogger who insists on trying out her new DJ set at home.

Work isn’t a comfort either - a rogue speed bump has appeared and it’s going to cause him a very big headache indeed.

Watch out for similarities between The Wright Way and The Thin Blue Line, both of which were written by Elton. They also both starred David Haig and Mina Anwar, and focused on a group of misfits.

Big things are expected of supporting cast member Beattie Edmondson too - she’s the daughter of Elton’s old friends Jennifer Saunders and Adrian Edmondson.

Elton says: “All my happiest television memories concern BBC comedy and in particular BBC sitcoms. It’s an honour and a privilege to get the chance to be a part of that tradition again and I’m as excited today as I was when The Young Ones was commissioned 30 years ago.”


Drama: Youngers, E4, 7.30pm

THE drama series which looks like Skins for the Tinie Tempah/Dizzee Rascal fanbase continues to raise a smile, while the dialogue is ‘Attack the Block’ sharp.

Sample line (worthy of any promo poster): “As long as yer music is on point, ain’t nobody going to care about what went down”.

One of the shining stars is Davina (Shavani Seth), thanks to movie star looks, a good singing voice and brains.

In the latest episode, the divine Davina has an idea to help boost the Youngers’ profile and get more online hits for their music video.

Meanwhile, Ashley meets an old friend who gives him a way out of his cash flow crisis, and Jay’s chivalry leads to a complex situation.

Keep an eye on Seth and co-stars Calvin Demba and Ade Oyefeso. There’s a good chance they will be snapped up for a string of projects in the coming years.

Documentary: Emergency Bikers, Five, 8pm

STAG dos should come with government health warnings. Take the poor bloke in this series for example. For the uninitiated, coasteering is a daring sport which involves climbing steep cliff faces, crossing ravines and jumping into the sea.

In Cornwall, during a stag weekend, he jumped 28 feet into the water and is in agony after injuring his back. Racing to the scene, biker paramedic Rob Griffiths tends to the young man who may be paralysed by the incident.

Nature: Great bear stakeout, BBC One, 9pm

IF you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise - because spring has sprung in Alaska, marking the time when the native grizzly bears are beginning to emerge from hibernation.

In this two-part documentary series, which concludes tomorrow, Billy Connolly narrates fascinating footage of the creatures waking up and venturing into the wilderness for the first time in months, as they are thrust together in a frenzy of feeding, fighting and mating.