Cabaret review: Omega

Omega. Picture: Comp
Omega. Picture: Comp
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DESCRIBED as ‘a hoochie-coochie carnival for the end of time ... an astounding array of mythical freaks, ageless hucksters, and mind-twisting curiosities’, I knew that this would be a mind-bending experience.


Music Hall at the Assembly Rooms

Expecting something incredible, I was bitterly disappointed.

The Music Hall at the Assembly Rooms is a fabulous space, but the staging of this show uses a tent-like centre-piece which hugely affects the sight-lines. Anyone other than in the centre area misses a lot of the action. Sound levels were so blaringly loud it distorted the music the MC lip-synced too... and hurt.

Audience members that hadn’t left looked at their watches regularly, and a few people clapped at the end.

Until 27 August