Christmas music video shot in Edinburgh becomes viral hit in Lebanon

Dionne Hickey's homemade hit music video.
Dionne Hickey's homemade hit music video.
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A CHRISTMAS music video shot in Edinburgh has become an unexpected viral Lebanon.

The song “Won’t you be Mine for Christmas?” by Dionne Hickey was first released two years ago without troubling the charts.

But after Radio One in Lebanon picked it up and shared her video online, it is now heading for 200,000 views and even earned her comparisons with superstar Mariah Carey.

The 22-year-old part-time nursery worker said she was delighted by the success.

She said: “It was such a fun experience filming it. My dad and manger Joe suggested that we make a Christmas single as a way to get my break.

“I ended up coming up with the lyrics in the shower - and we had to improvise in the video as it wasn’t quite close enough to Christmas, but it looks all the better for being homemade.”

The video shows Dionne singing and dancing her way through the city including outside the St James Centre and along Princes Street mingling with shoppers.

The Christmas ditty racked up the hits after the Lebanon radio station posted it on their Facebook page, instantly sharing it with their eight million followers.

It’s quite a turnaround for a song which Dionne, who lives in Falkirk, struggled to get played anywhere in Scotland.

Dionne added: “Radio Stations in Scotland are really strict in what new music they allow, so it’s really hard to get support when you’re an emerging talent.

“Thankfully, stations abroad don’t have those rules, so it’s been great that my dad was able to get this shared by stations all around the world, including Christmas FM in Ireland.”

She said she had written the song because she was bored of the same old festive favourites.

“All you hear in December is Christmas music, but it’s been so long since there’s been a new hit.

“I was sick of the recent trends in Christmas music, there were too many gloomy songs, it’s a happy, upbeat time of the year so I wanted a happy, upbeat song.

“Since it went big online, it’s been compared to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ which was exactly the kind of thing I was aiming for.”

She said she was looking forward to lots more bookings due to her new found fame, if not in Lebanon quite yet.

“It’s good to be busy and be doing what you love, performing and entertaining people.

“I’ve got loads of gigs coming up, my Dad just books them and I turn up and deliver the goods.

“I hope everyone in Scotland can join people abroad and supporting an appreciating the song.

“I know some singers go down the X Factor route to get a hit, especially at Christmas, but I prefer to try and carve my own path.”

Dionne does have some way to go to challenge Edinburgh’s biggest festive hit.

Merry Christmas Everyone which hit the top of the charts for Shakin’ Stevens in 1985 continues to make thousands for Craigmillar-born songwriter Bob Heatlie every festive season.