Clubbers’ delight at Edinburgh superclub Eros reunion night

From right: Stevie Horsburgh, Graham Allen, Lara Allen and Jim Etherson are organising the Eros and Elite reunion. Picture: contributed
From right: Stevie Horsburgh, Graham Allen, Lara Allen and Jim Etherson are organising the Eros and Elite reunion. Picture: contributed
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WHAT started as a small reunion of clubbers keen to relive their younger days has now become a huge club night steeped in Eros Elite fever from the 90s.

The nostalgic trip into the former clubbers’ paradise attracts over one thousand people at regular nights, now staged at ATIK, the former Cav 

Complete with the original line-up of DJs, podium dancers and tunes, the event, Eros Dance Anthems, continues to grow in popularity, appealing to younger clubbers as well as the “old guard”.

The £5 million Eros Elite venue at Fountain Park was one of the largest “superclubs” in Europe, opening in 1999.

It boasted ten bars and a 2,200 person capacity between the two interlinked clubs.

And after it closed its doors for the last time in 2003, original DJ Jim Etherson was plagued by requests to run a 
reunion event.

But it was years before he had time to devote to setting it up.

“There were only about 300 people who were members of an Eros Elite Facebook group set up by Corran Lyon,” Jim 
explained. “But that soon jumped up with everyone finding out about the reunion – we now have over 1500 members and it’s growing every week.

The first night was held in City nightclub.

“It was like a time warp – people who went to the original club were meeting each other again and hadn’t seen each other since it closed, but it was like it had only been a couple of days.”

Eros Elite closed down due to violence from both the party-goers and the bouncers, but Jim insists the reunion night is zero tolerance.

“This night is about the music,” added Jim. “We don’t need to promote cheap alcohol. People come to dance and share a love of the music – nearly 20 years on and Eros is still filling the clubs.”

And the event isn’t only tempting back the old gang but also a younger clientele.

Jim said: “The event has now got so popular we have the kids of the parents who went to Eros back in the day now coming with their friends!

“They know the music because their parents played it all the time as they grew up.”

And the legacy of the club is not just relegated to the dance floor.

Former DJ Graham Allen hadn’t expected to find his “Eros” in a superclub but after meeting bartender Lara 
during the club’s heyday the pair remained friends.

“I started DJing at Mood,” said Graham. “She would come along and hang out at the DJ box.

“We stayed good friends throughout the years.”

The couple became more than friends, eventually tying the knot three weeks ago.

“I don’t think I would have met Lara without Eros – we are eternally grateful.

“She’s absolutely my best friend and after four and half years together we’ve not yet argued.”

Although the couple were delighted Jim has brought Eros back to Edinburgh, they are unable to go to all of the nights after the birth of their son 19 months ago.

The next event is an Ibiza UV White Night on July 29 at ATIK.