Clubs: Anja Schneider, Slam, Mark Archer & Silicone Soul @ Jackhammer

Anja Schneider
Anja Schneider
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Jackhammer will unveil an impressive line-up of DJs as it looks to wipe the deck with rivals Musika in the process. My only complaint of Jackhammer in the past has been that it’s too underground to be popular.

But this is a new chapter for Jackhammer as house music is introduced alongside trademark techno. However, it’s not all tediously mundane house music that’s the current trend, nor is it the familiar floaty, disco-house that Edinburgh is best known for - it’s much more unique.

Expect the kind of ‘electronic house’ that has Berlin’s clubbing community snaking and shaking it every night of the week; and if it’s happening in Berlin, then it’s happening.

Mobilee Records owner and label boss, Anja Schneider headlines and there’s a lot to get excited about. She’s a personality, far removed from the limelight in as much as possible without losing presence, it’s clear she isn’t in it for the fame or the glory or the popular myth that God is a DJ. She’s far too grounded for that and it’s clear Schneider is a grafter who works hard at getting it right. Producing carefully thought out music with synthesised soul and funk. Her label is as cutting edge as it gets and translates perfectly on a dance floor.

This makes Mobilee releases as collectable as a pair of Prada shoes. And in today’s throwaway culture, techno and house tracks are ten-a-penny. Mobilee is to be respected for this and I do every time I receive one of their promo packs for review.

Suddenly, I’m transported back in time to the days of (physically) going to a record shop. The excitement returns – I’m flushed with enthusiasm, there’s a rush of blood to my head and I get that giddy feeling… I open the email and scan the page, reaching the bottom of the page and clicking on the link.

I play, and sit back like Charlie in his chocolate factory chewing on a three course dinner of house, techno - something utterly recognisable as Mobilee.

Mobilee is right up there with the best of the best, pipping Sven Vath’s Cocoon Records in my book - and Sven is the man. He’s the Mike Tyson of house and techno in Berlin – a heavy hitter, relentlessly unmoveable, until now. Schneider is an egoless version of Muhammed Ali, floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee, it’s clear that Sven can’t hit what Sven can’t see…

Schneider carves up a dance floor with dizzying hypnotics before landing a knock-out blows - a ten shot-volley smashes the senses and we rip a grin from ear to ear – it’s a DJ experience that’ll beckons the question ‘Is this the best night of my life?

Co-headliners are Slam (Orde Meikle and Stuart MacMillian, owners of Soma Records), Mark Archer (one half of 90’s dance outfit Altern-8) and Soma’s funkiest artists, Silicone Soul. Residents, Wolfjazz and Keyte kick off the proceedings at 6pm for the marathon session in the Caves.

• Tonight, Friday 8 March, The Caves, Niddry St South, 6pm-3am/£10 (wristbands given)