Comedy Cuts: Alex Edelman| Angry Young Women

Alex Edelman : Millennial. Pic: Comp
Alex Edelman : Millennial. Pic: Comp
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POKEY rooms, even in some of the larger venues, might be a little uncomfortable, but if you restrict yourself to big halls, high profile names and plush seats, you’ll miss out on an enormous amount of quality stand up and comedy theatre.

Alex Edelman: Millennial

Pleasance Attic

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Angry Young Women In Low Rise Jeans With High Class Issue

Gilded Balloon, Nightclub

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For example, Alex Edelman. He’s young, but don’t hold it against him too much: it’s more or less the point of his show.

In America, ‘Millennials’ are the current young generations’ version of ‘Baby Boomers’ and, like each generation before them, Millennials have their share of woes, pressures and crises. Edelman spares us none of them.

The Boston born comic – a self professed loudmouth – has a lot to say, almost all of it hilarious. His delivery occasionally betrays the nervousness of youth, but if he continues in this vein, I don’t think mainstream success is very far away.

The basic premise of Angry Young Women is something of a hoary old chestnut: the funny side of women with hormonal extremes. In the first few minutes, the script was amusing enough, and the characters cartoony and fun, but it was hardly award-winning stuff.

Give it a bit longer, though, because the show was only taxiing along the runway. Once it took off, the performance lifted the material way beyond bawdy cliché and well into the laugh-out-loud.

On their tiny stage, the cast shone, but brightest of all was the larger than life Jessica Moreno. With outrageous bug eyes and complete fearlessness, she completely stole the show, hoary old chestnuts and all.