Comedy Cuts: Felicity Ward| Luke McQueen

Sarah Campbell' Pic: Comp
Sarah Campbell' Pic: Comp
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THERE are comedians of all shapes, sizes and varieties on the Fringe every year.

Felicity Ward: The Iceberg


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Luke McQueen: Now That’s What I Luke McQueen

Pleasance Courtyard

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Don’t Worry Guys, It’s Sarah Campbell

Cabaret Voltaire

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The quality is usually pretty high and you’d have to be unlucky with the statistics to get a dud. For example, each of these comics are hilarious even without the aid of a pint or two.

Something of a comedy star in her native Australia, Felicity Ward will be a household name here in Britain one of these days. That she’s joyfully funny is proven within the first few moments, but her originality and sheer inventiveness stays with you long after.

Like an iceberg, you immediately see her obvious wit, but the depth, intensity and cleverness of it is the reward you get for continued attention, which she grabs and holds onto effortlessly.

This isn’t a show you can or should have described to you – you have to see it for yourself and you should do it today.

Another comic you should definitely see immediately is Luke McQueen. A character comedian, he has impeccable timing and he’s a grandmaster of chaos, not to mention ever so slightly scary.

Yes, he involves the audience, but it’s impossible to predict who’ll end up the stooge – the audience member or him. And anyway, in this show, the audience always wins.

Very much an up-close-and-personal kind of show, just because it’s held in a tiny venue doesn’t mean it couldn’t be adapted for a big theatre – it not only could, it should. McQueen deserves to be seen by many more people.

In an equally tiny space, Sarah Campbell wants to share her anxieties and insecurities with you. She’s an incessant chatterer and, as it turns out, a pretty good gurner too, but she needn’t worry too much, because the audience is with her from the start, giggling constantly.

Of course, there are worriers everywhere, even in the audience, and Campbell picks them out in a heartbeat – not to pick on them, just for a little camaraderie.

A scriptwriter for BBC Radio 4 among many other things, her character stand up is a joy to watch, and delightfully off the wall.