Comedy Cuts: Robin and Partridge| Benny Boot

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SPARE a thought for the silent and almost invisible Fringe minority – the black-clad sound and lighting crews who work endless hours hidden in darkness, to help you hear and see your shows, as they vaguely remember daylight.

Robin and Partridge: Robin Dies At The End of The Show

Pleasance Courtyard

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Benny Boot: Greatest Hits Volume II


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The Thinking Drinkers’ Guide To The Legends of Liquor

Famous Spiegeltent

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Sometimes, these crews are even included in the performances. Robin and Partridge, two dishevelled young comedians, manage to pepper their charmingly slapdash and dog-eared show with a great many moments of comedy gold, aided and sometimes impeded by their cheerfully named techie, Rah.

It’s not a spoiler to tell you that Robin dies at the end of the show: it’s the title of the thing after, it’s all about the journey and not the destination.

In truth, the show does have a few flaws - the constant repetition grates quickly, but overall, it’s a big bag of death-related fun.

Australian comic, Benny Boot comes to this years’ Fringe weighed down by a reputation for quality. In fact, he’s fêted by some of the most respected names in the business. To be fair, some of his material is extremely funny, but consistency of performance is just as important as good gags.

It’s a shame, but if good material is overshadowed by lacklustre delivery, potential fans are lost and word of mouth could needlessly ruin a Fringe run. His laconic style and elliptically skewed perspective certainly promises a great show. Here’s hoping.

Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham know a lot about booze – perhaps more than is healthy. From the stage of the opulent and Famous Spiegeltent, they illuminated, educated and intoxicated the crowd, waxing lyrically about the historical figures who furthered and developed the noble pursuit of alcohol.

If free premium vodka, gin and bourbon doesn’t convince you, the show is both hugely funny and genuinely fascinating.

It remains to be seen whether Scots can be persuaded to “drink less – drink better”, but Tom and Ben are extremely convincing as well as being highly convivial hosts.