Comedy Review: Eilish O’Carroll

Elish O'Carroll. Picutre: Comp
Elish O'Carroll. Picutre: Comp
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IT comes as no surprise to discover that Eilish O’Carroll, best known these days as Winnie McGoogan in Mrs Brown’s Boys, is a consummate story-teller.

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Pleasance Courtyard

At the Pleasance Courtyard, she settles on a chair centre-stage and begins to tell her tale. A happy but damaged childhood set O’Carroll on the road to stardom. An unhappy, abusive marriage helped pave the way too, as did the realisation, at the age of 40, that she may have been living a lie all her life.

Laugh out loud funny, Live, Love ,Laugh has a darkness at its heart - the shadow of a 1950s Irish Catholic upbringing.

Guilt plays a part in almost every story, whether O’Carroll is jiggling about on the bus seats stage right, making her first confession on the kneeler stage left, or simply recalling some of her more painful memories.

Uncomfortable listening at times, this is a brave, no holds barred performance. O’Carroll bears her soul with an honesty, and energy, that verges on the cathartic as she faces the demons of her past - not least her school teacher, the sinister Mrs Flynn.

An ‘orgasmic’ tale of self-discovery, Live Love Laugh finally finds the petite O’Carroll sharing stories of life on the road with Mrs Brown’s Boys before she draws to a close with some poignant words of advice.

Head along and enjoy the craic. You’ll laugh a lot, think even more, and go away with a better understanding of a woman who overcame the oppression of the society she was brought up in to become one of the best loved TV stars of her generation.

Until 24 August