Comedy review: Fark, The Free Sisters, Cowgate

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WHAT is Fark? There are various definitions and, for whatever reason, Australian comic Madeleine Culp selected it for the title of her show. Now there’s a new one: something in which you gain little, but lose an hour of your life.

The premise for the show is an attempt to bring “art” back to the people through stand-up and sketches mingled with flashbacks and discussions on subjects such as fear and blinking.

That’s the aim. Instead, it’s a disjointed series of uninteresting stories and poorly formed characters. Obviously meant to be wacky and quirky, it meets neither of these criteria. It’s just annoying.

It’s also rather embarrassing, an audience member brought on stage reading from a typed script outshone her in terms of panache and delivery. Yet it shouldn’t be like that. Culp has remarkable stage presence. She looks like she belongs on the stage and seems to have everything – except any material that will draw a laugh.

And although this is a free show, it’s probably overpriced.

Rating: *

• Until August 26