Comedy review: Jenny Eclair

Jenny Eclair. Picture: Comp
Jenny Eclair. Picture: Comp
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MUCH has been written about Jenny Eclair during her 30 years in comedy, recently often containing phrases such as ‘growing old disgracefully’.

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Gilded Balloon Teviot

But it seems more correct to say she’s railing against the forces that make growing old and women of a certain age ‘practically invisible’, or as she clarifies – ignored.

With a set including so much rolling, jumping, cantering (“You’re never too old to pretend to be a pony!”) and cart-wheeling, the flowery armchair on stage is practically superfluous – Eclair hardly sits before she’s up again, with a laugh-heavy, highly energetic set which encourages her audience to revel in the joys of not knowing how to grow up. And there’s a lot we can learn from her. Let’s just say, intimidating gangs of teenagers hanging around newsagents may soon find themselves facing a new, highly organised movement no amount of street smarts can prepare them for...

Until 17 August