Comedy review: Stuart Goldsmith: Pr!ck, Pleasance Courtyard

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THERE might be no “I” in team, but there was one in the title of Stuart Goldsmith’s new show until the over-zealous censors at the Fringe made him replace it with a “!”.

The resulting press coverage, as well as an appearance on ITV’s Show Me The Funny, has seen Goldsmith’s profile raised to new heights, with many tipping him as a breakthrough act this year.

Right from the start Goldsmith’s infectious energy has the audience firmly on his side, and his easy charm allows him to stray into some fairly risqué material without ever being in danger of offending anyone.

It is a well constructed and solid routine with some strong anecdotes and jokes, but many of the biggest laughs come from his spontaneous interactions with the audience.

In previous years, Goldsmith has been consistently saddled with adjectives such as “nice” and “charming” – admirable qualities in everyday life but not necessarily desirable ones for a modern comedian.

This year’s show will do little to break the stereotype, and it is perhaps lacking an individual killer routine to make it stand out from the crowd, but it is still an enjoyable and accessible hour of entertainment with a reliable and very likeable performer.

Rating: * * *

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