Coming Soon: Leitheatre in Moonlight And Magnolias

Vivien Leigh and co-star Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind
Vivien Leigh and co-star Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind
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LEITHEATRE are gearing up for their latest production this week.

From May 4-7 the local amateurs will be bringing their production of Moonlight And Magnolias, by Ron Hutchison, to the Festival Theatre Studio.

Hutchison’s hilarious farce, based on fact, tells the story of how David O Selznick is five weeks into shooting Gone With The Wind when he realises that the script is awful and the director hasn’t a clue.

Under pressure from his father in law Louis B Mayer, Selznick has five days in which to replace them and restart the shoot, or the production will shut down.

He calls in Victor Fleming to direct and Ben Hecht to write the script.

Hecht however, has not read the book and so the other two re-enact the scenes to help him.

Locked in Selznick`s office, assisted by secretary Miss Poppenghul, in five madcap days, the three produce the script, fed meanwhile on only bananas and peanuts - brain food according to Selznick.

Explaining the title, Leitheatre’s Don Arnott says, “Moonlight and Magnolias is the myth, or image, of the South as an agricultural Eden, where everything was lovely and everybody happy, until these nasty Northerners brought it all down.

“It refers to a simpler time when supposedly there were peaceful relations between slaves and masters.”

The Leitheatre production finds Selznick played by Kevin Rowe, Fleming by Josh Ingram, Hecht by David Rennie and Miss Poppenghul by Elona Smith.

Moonlight And Magnolias, Festival Theatre Studio, Potterrow, 4-7 May, 7.30pm, £11, 0131-529 6000