Criminals lovin’ a fun return to the Capital

Fun Lovin' Criminals
Fun Lovin' Criminals
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FANS of Fun Lovin’ Criminals are in for a treat on Saturday when the band return to the Capital to play the Queens Hall.

Heralded for their generation defining blend of styles and effortless New York cool, FLC’s refreshing cocktail of rock n’ roll, funk, blues, soul, hip hop, jazz and latin, gave the Crims a unique timelessness that is still apparent three decades on.

Frontman turned Sony Award winning BBC radio broadcaster Huey Morgan explains, “FLC always bring a mucho grande style. In my half Irish, half Puerto Rican vernacular, this means we goin’ BIG.

“Of course we want everybody to come along for the ride, we wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for the fans. Bigger the party the better, so come join us.”

The Lower East side trio, consisting of founding partner Brian ‘Fast’ Leiser on bass, trumpet and samples and the groups longest-standing drummer Frank ‘The Rhythm Master’ Benbini, will be hitting the UK for a 12 date tour for, as the FLC song of the same name states a Big Night Out.

Regarded by many as the planet’s best-loved ‘Cousins from New York’ the Fun Lovin’ Criminals are celebrating their 20th anniversary in style and boast an enviable reputation as a spectacular live band.

However, it’s a little known fact that Morgan hankers after an appearance in EastEnders, he’s even worked out his Albert Square debut, explaining to one interviewer, “What I would really like is to be in Eastenders.

“I’ve got the character all worked out. I’m a mini-cab driver and I just got back from taking someone to Leicester...”

Testament to the Crims critical and cultural importance, 2016 also marked the year that the world’s most esteemed lexicographers officially added the term ‘Scooby Snacks’ to the Oxford English Dictionary, citing the famous lyrics to the global FLC hit single of the same name in the new edition - although arguably the Hanna-Barbera creation Scooby Doo could have played a part too.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Queens Hall, Clerk Street, Saturday, 7pm, £28.50, 0131-668 2019