DJ Culture: Kris Wasabi

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What is this month’s floor filler?

Rebolledo - Super Vatos. A sexy primal stomper from outer space... well, Mexico actually, not for everyone but neither is Wasabi Disco.

Who was your DJ inspiration?

Twitch & Brainstorm, John Peel and the ghost of Ron Hardy.

What was your most banging gig ever?

As a punter, like many it’s Pure at the Venue. As a DJ, going crowd-surfing to Fleetwood Mac at Wasabi Disco’s second birthday is hard to beat.

What was the first track you bought?

Kylie’s first album - Meh, I can live with that...

Favourite all time track?

It changes every day but my copy of House Is Mine by The Hypnotist has probably been battered the most!

Catch Kris Wasabi DJ at Gasoline Dance Machine, Saturday, Cabaret Voltaire, Blair Street, £13, 0131-220-6176