Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Dam Nightingale’s Fringe nightmares

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SO what’s the worst thing that can happen when you’re on stage? Well, a light might plummet from the rig and brain you. A mic might go live and give you the shock of your life. Or it could be something far more embarrassing... just ask Dan Nightingale.

I was hosting a gig on a high stage. The girls in the front announced that they could see my underpants.

They’d been hard work all night and I thought it was just another childish attempt to unsettle me, but, annoying as they were, it turned out to be true.

I had a huge hole in the crotch of my jeans, You lose the moral high ground when you’re flashing the crowd. And they called them “underpants.” Come on... they were briefs! I’m not eight.

• The 11 and a half Ill-conceived Edinburgh Shows of Dan Nightingale, The Pleasance Dome, until August 26, 6.50pm, £8.50-£10.50, www.edfringe.com