Edinburgh Makars have good things planned

Edinburgh Makars cast of Good Things
Edinburgh Makars cast of Good Things
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ROMANCE is in the air for the Edinburgh Makars this week as they present Good Things by former Scots Makar Liz Lochhead at the Church Hill Theatre.

Good Things is a romantic comedy set in a charity shop. A poignant, hilarious play with a lot to say about finding love the second (or third or fourth) time around the play is being directed by Jo Barrow.

Suddenly single and with the dreaded ‘Big Five-O’ glaring her in the face, Susan, a volunteer in a charity shop, also has to cope with a father in his second childhood, a daughter in the throes of aggravated adolescence and an ex who still has the power to wound...

First performed at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre in 2004, Good Things was a loosely thematic sequel to her earlier play Perfect Days.

Lochhead herself wrote that Perfect Days and Good Things were ‘conceived as part one and part two of a loose trilogy of popular comedies, romantic comedies, about the lives of modern women as they approached what the women’s mags would have us regard as big milestones – fear of 40, Perfect Days, and fear of 50, Good Things.’

The Edinburgh Makars have one of the longest histories on the local amateur circuit.

The present club was formed in 1996 by the amalgamation of two long standing drama clubs, The Makars (founded in 1932 by Christine Orr, the well-known Scottish actress, broadcaster and playwright), and Davidson’s Mains Dramatic Club (founded in 1942).

In 2002 the new club formally adopted the name The Edinburgh Makars.

Good Things, Church Hill Theatre, Morningside, Thursday-Saturday, 7.30pm, £14, www.edinburghmakars.com or at the door from 7pm on night of show