Edinburgh’s Got Talent: A voice to remember in anyone’s language

Edinburgh's Got Talent 2011 finalist Rebecca Traynor
Edinburgh's Got Talent 2011 finalist Rebecca Traynor
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WHEN Rebecca Traynor takes to the stage in the final of Edinburgh’s Got Talent audience members may think they have walked into a similar event in Rome.

The 14-year-old singer will take a classical approach for the contest and is even considering delivering her chosen song in Italian, even though she cannot speak the language.

The Musselburgh teenager said: “It makes the songs feel more authentic.

“I’m thinking of taking some Italian lessons, which should help even more and really help me for the future.”

Rebecca is a pupil with the Royal Academy of Music, and is highly rated by staff there who see her as a soprano singer.

Her mother, Karen, said: “She gets proper lessons and really wants to sing on stage.

“Her thing is more Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera – she’s not a karaoke singer.”

It became clear from a young age that Rebecca had a special talent for singing.

“When she was in primary six or seven, the teachers picked up on the fact she could really sing,” said Karen.

“Then we really started to get her going and I couldn’t believe what we were hearing.”

Rebecca entered contests in the East Lothian area, even though she had barely reached her teens, and while those did not bring victories she hopes they will give her a better grounding for the Evening News event at the Playhouse later this month.

Karen added: “Singing has come through the generations in our family; her grandfather was a singer and Rebecca has learned the keyboard as well. She’s got no stage fright whatsoever, she just seems to go out there and takes it as it comes.”

Edinburgh’s Got Talent has already attracted more than 15,000 votes, and the final line-up was extended by one to 11 after two acts finished on a dead heat, a move that judges said would add intrigue to the spectacle.

Rebecca told the Evening News she hoped to be able to forge a career in singing as a result of the competition.

She said: “I guess I just want to show people that I’ve got talent.

“I go to lessons every Saturday and will be working really hard to prepare for this.

“I’ve been trying to boost my confidence over time and hopefully I’ll be able to get somewhere with my singing.

“I’m still trying to make my mind up about what to sing on the day, I’ll go through some options with my teacher.”

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