Edinburgh Sketcher exhibition to take place in Assembly Rooms

Edinburgh Sketcher tour
Edinburgh Sketcher tour
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Join the city’s resident sketcher to capture the iconic beauty of the Assembly Rooms as he embarks on a one-off new tour to mark the venue’s 230th anniversary tomorrow.

Mark Kirkham, aka the Edinburgh Sketcher, will tour the inside of the building, which was renovated five years ago, giving keen artists a chance to test their sketching skills.

Edinburgh Sketcher will be exhibiting in the city

Edinburgh Sketcher will be exhibiting in the city

The tour coincides with the New Town’s 250th year and is suitable for anyone from architects down to complete beginners.

Mark, 41, said: “We will be inside the Assembly Rooms picking up the detail of the beautiful interiors.

“What’s nice about the venue is there’s so many details and lovely reflections, lots of curves and architectural details, which makes it a great location for this type of tour.

“The group will walk around the building and capture quick sketches to begin with. This gives people a chance to loosen up first before they start to pick up some of the basic drawing skills.

Edinburgh Sketcher

Edinburgh Sketcher

“We’ll work our way around the building through the ballroom, grand room and stage area with a chance to catch a glimpse behind the scenes and take in the detail of the enormous crystal chandeliers, gleaming gold leaf and giant gilt mirrors.”

With Mark’s guidance the group will start with some very basic sketches using simple line work, looking at perspective and then build it up from there.

“People very quickly build in confidence,” he said.

“We will start with five minute sketches to capturing a full room before adding in the watercolour.

“People can then pick their favourite picture and have it mounted.”

And the Edinburgh Sketcher admits drawing is not always about the finished product as it is also a great way of taking your mind off things and relaxing.

He said: “We finish up and then sit around and have a chat about what we’ve done.

“It is always really enjoyable to see how shocked people are by the end of the session. They think they can’t draw but everyone can draw.”

Mr Kirkham, a self-confessed doodler, has lived in Edinburgh for 20 years but didn’t start drawing professionally until 2010.

As well as adding his unique sketches to the pages of the Evening News, he also draws live events such as weddings, giving people the opportunity to capture a special day in a unique way.

He said: “Living in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, surrounded by stunning architecture and beautiful landscapes I am spoilt for choice when it comes to 
subjects to draw.”

And he admits it is the buzz of the city which inspires him and which he hopes to pass on to other people.

The three-hour sketch tour starts at 9am and costs £27.50.

All materials will be provided.

And wannabe doodlers can grab another opportunity to capture a piece of Edinburgh on a sketching tour at Lauriston Castle on June 16.

In this session the group will get the opportunity to learn speed sketching skills and time saving tips which will give new artists the skills to capture the world around them in ink and watercolour, quickly.

To book a place, visit www.eventbrite.co.uk and search “Edinburgh Sketcher”.