Fans react on Twitter after Still Game returns for new series

Jack and Victor returned to our screens. Picture: Victoria Dalton/BBC Scotland
Jack and Victor returned to our screens. Picture: Victoria Dalton/BBC Scotland
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Still Game returned to our screens tonight for the first episode of the new series.

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Even in the age of on-demand TV there were still thousands of fans glued to their television sets when the programme started at 9.30pm.

As soon as the show finished the dissection started on social media. As expected, reviews were mixed, but the majority seemed to like what they saw.


@WillmaSwanson: “Just watched Still Game. Top quality and a joy to see these characters again. You cant help but develop a fondness for them.”

@DiscussDandies: “Thought Still Game was back at its best tonight. Much improvement on the last series.”

@georgiayoung0: “No matter how much you watch Still Game gets funnier every time. Bloody class!”

@_StuartDundas: “Mental that there has never been a bad episode of Still Game.”

@__markchalmers: “No bad episode eh still game but it just made me want to sit in a house and get p****d wie my pals.”

@94stephenmiller: “Still Game burst into life as soon as Boaby got hit with that bottle.”

colin_ban88: “Still Game was good. Hard to compete with the old stuff but enjoyed it alot. Plenty laughs out of me.”

@Richiestoke: “Still Game consistently good. Very difficult after such a long time to keep to a high standard with a constant fear of doing one too many. But they coped.”

@Williamrfc1872: “Thought that episode of Still Game was cracking, better than the whole last series put together.”

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@robertthomson55: “Still Game a superb telly programme in its day. Sadly being dragged out two series too long.”

@Mikey_Bhoy_1993: “Modern Still Game *is* the Scottish equivalent of Mrs Brown’s Boys. Slapstick “comedy” that caters to simple minds.”

@Connor__graham: “Still Game is not what it used to be.”

@RayHugh56: “Older still game was better than that tonight, quite disappointed in it.”

@ZAIN7X: “Can we please just let Still Game die in peace before it gets ruined man, nothing will beat the old stuff.”

@IzzySumnerx: “I expected more from Still Game, hopefully gets better as the series goes on.”

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