Fashion: Metallic fabrics

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This season shimmer is a winner as materials take on a metal makeover that will leave you looking like the Tin Man’s cooler cousin.

Everything from leather to knitwear has been anointed in molten magic making it an easy transition trend.

Picture: Phil Wilkinson

Picture: Phil Wilkinson

The key with this look is to begin at a place you are comfortable and build on it from there. Kick off with some coated jeans and cozy cable knitwear, then ease yourself into the kaleidoscope of colours that will be wowing you come spring.

Denim is a great elementary level to get you started. Team together a super soft sweater with metallic jeans. You want the tactile fabrics to work together to create both a hard and soft edge to the overall look. Crank up the style credentials by adding a shoe in a differing shade of metallic. Opt for a blocked heel to maximize the visual effect of the clash. You can also do this with a handbag.

Colour is a big player for this trend. Nearly every spring runway had a nod to metallic on it. The stand out collection went to Lanvin. It looked like a box of Quality Street had escaped down the catwalk in an explosion of colour and texture. On home soil, Obscure Couture have created some moreish garments in butter soft leathers that simmer superbly. Their candy coloured skirt shows the metallic trend in transition from night time glamour to daytime dressed down. Take the sexy sting out of red hot metallics by adding a layer of light knit on top. This designer duo create high drama designs that have the capacity for chameleon like change should you wish to dilute the va va voom.

To give metallics easy wearability you have to arm yourself with pieces that will counteract the glitziness. The trick is to opt for something on the complete opposite side of the style scale and marry them together. That option would be wool. Work out which knits and jumpers look best with your chosen metallics. This fashion mash up will ensure you won’t feel too overdressed during daylight. You can combine both knit and metallics in one – Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti have a wonderful jumper that looks like woven wire. Teamed with a minimalist jumpsuit from Jacob Birge and the pairing is a metallic match made in heaven.

If you are going top to toe in metallics, beware, it can be a hard material to pull off in one fall swoop. To avoid disaster, choose a great designer. Rebecca Torres created a limited range of metallics that look like melted liquid on the body. The use of draping make metallics much more wearable in one solid block colour.