FCT tell the story of Prince Pippin at the Fringe

Forth Childrens Theatre in Pippin
Forth Childrens Theatre in Pippin
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MULTI-AWARD winning youth theatre company Forth Children’s Theatre (FCT) return to the Fringe next month with a coming of age tale.

Pippin is the story of a young prince searching for something to make his life meaningful.

A Tony Award winning musical, written in 1972, by Stephen Schwartz, who also wrote Godspell and Wicked, the score mirrors the plot in the sense that it has a bit of everything.

Whether you like emotional ballads, murders or tap breaks, Pippin has something for everyone.

The show opens with a troupe of actors and the leads welcoming the audience to the theatre.

As members of the troupe take on various characters, Pippin, who has just returned from University, enters to explain - in song - that he is searching for his “Corner of the Sky.”

Heading off to fight, in an attempt to impress his father King Charlemagne, Pippin soon realises that his father is a tyrannous, unjust ruler and returns home to stop him.

Fastrada, his step-mother, convinces Pippin to murder his father and become King as it means her own son Lewis will be next in line for the throne.

Realising that being King is not all it’s cracked up to be, Pippin begs the magical ‘Leading Player’ to bring his father back to life. As Charlemagne returns to the throne, Pippin despairs that he is once again without a purpose... until he meets Catherine, who he falls in love with, settling in to a simple life on her country estate.

However, as in all the best dramas, nothing ever works out quite as expected.

Director Hayley Scott, says, “I didn’t know the show well at all but stumbled across the recording of Morning Glow from the 2013 revival and basically fell in love with it from there.

“We wanted to do something different with FCT and Pippin seemed to fit the mould perfectly.

“The music is great and varies quite a lot from song to song so there’s something for everyone to enjoy when they come and watch it.”

Choreographed by Gus Harrower and with musical direction Natasha Rose, Pippin mark FCT’s thirty-ninth year on the Fringe, during which time the company has won four coveted Evening News Drama Awards.

The production is performed in the round by a cast of 36 local 10 to 18 year olds and a live band, making it a highly immersive experience.

Forth Children’s Theatre: Pippin, Edinburgh Tabernacle, Ferry Road, 4-12 August, 7.30pm ( Saturday matinees 2.30pm), £13, 0131-226 0000