Festival preview: Pat Burtscher’s Patopotamoose; Pleasance Courtyard

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OFF the wall Canadian stand-up Pat Burtscher’s first impressions of the biggest arts fair in the world left a bad taste... but that’s not stopped him coming back for more.

Let’s just say that I was told I signed up for a trip to a comedic utopia where everything was taken care of, but got there to discover all it was, was a beaten down trailer with a rubber chicken hanging from the rear view mirror just outside of the comedic utopia, but still far enough away that people who inhabited the utopia wouldn’t walk there.

Oh, and my dream (you know the thing I be chasing) was being held prisoner inside of this beat down mess. Not just trapped though, it was tied down to a chair with it’s mouth and eyes forced open in front of a fan that was perpetually getting sh*t thrown at it.

So in other words, it left a bad taste in my heart and a stink in my soul.

No need to worry though, my dreams are still alive and I’ve wafted that stanky stink outta my souly soul. And now I’m in the place where I had originally thought I was supposed to be. I hope it was worth the £10,000 entry fee. But if I see a fan I am gunna go postal!

• Pat Burtscher’s Patopotamoose, Pleasance Courtyard, until August 27, 8.30pm, www.edfringe.com