Floor fillers: GR Ant’s Top Ten

GR Ant's Floorfillers
GR Ant's Floorfillers
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THIS WEEK’S floor-filling grooves, selected by The Guide’s Grant Paterson

Jay Tripwire - Loveage Horatio (Natural Rhythm)

Old school beats, lush synths and bags of atmosphere.

Sven Weisemann - Elapse (Traum)

Detached and spacey, it’s timeless techno from an electronic music genius.

Pig&Dan - Doing It for Yourself, Butch Remix (Soma)

A chunky, pumping bass groove drives this straight into peak time sets.

Klaina - Tour, Original Mix (Digital Drop)

Classic Detroit sounds – emotive pads, sweeping chords and tight programming.

Mark Henning - Royal Flush (Soma)

Deep hypnotic groove, really cool vibe.

Jewel Kid - The Comeback, Original Mix (Tronic Music)

This blows me away every time I play it – an absolute corker of a tune.

Da Billa - SLAP, Omid’s Dark dub (Sex on Wax)

Bristol style bass-bomb pans left and right with endless enthusiasm.

Guy Gerber - Steady feat. Jaw, Midland Remix (Supplement Facts)

Emotive and driving sounds turn into a progressive monster… epic.

Gabriel Ananda - Hey Blop, Till Krüger’s Apnoia Remix (Basmati)

Melodic and progressive, this techno anthem is off the scale.

Felipe Venegas - Ritmical Baco (Cadenza)

Percussion driven track, spits and fizzes with raw energy.

H.O.S.H - Woohoo feat. Ost & Kjex, Dub Version (Diynamic Music)

Outstanding deep house with lush vocals, slick synths, and groovy lowend.

Miguel Campbell – Rockin’ Beats, Shadow Child Remix (Hot Creations)

Disco-house hero nails it with a funk fuelled space odyssey, Daft Punk style vocoder vocal and drop-down beat.

Juan Ddd & DJ Smilk - Dollar Bills, Re.You Remix (Kling Klong)

Columbian duo hit out with a clever tech house groover, with layers of sound.

Alex Attias - Don’t U Want 2 (Cadenza)

Rips the lid off with an infectious groove and warehouse vibe… just as you think it can’t get any better, on comes the 303’s to send it into the stratosphere.

The Floorfillers mix is part of this week’s podcast.