FLOOR FILLERS : GR Ant’s Top Ten Deep Housers

GR Ant's Floorfillaz
GR Ant's Floorfillaz
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Continuing from last week, we bring you GR Ant’s Floor Fillers Mix as warm up for this week’s Mix Tape podcast featuring Laurence Nolan. Deep house is the theme and GR Ant lays down no less than 10 sizzling tracks…

01: Maya Jane Coles - No Sympathy (Original Mix)

I never thought the best could be bested, until now. The EP features several different versions but for me this is the one – deep throbbing bass lines and Coles sensual vocal. Exceptional.

02: Dimi Wilson - 3 Moustache

Solid package with a grinding organ and one mighty deep, sub. Nice.

03: Paul Muller - Williamsburg (Matt Walsh Remix)

A deep progressive vibe, expect this to be played by Sasha or Digweed, you know the kind of vibe. Out soon.

04: Matt Tolfrey (feat Kevin Knapp) - The Spooks

Taken from Tolfrey’s forth-coming album release, this is a touch of magic, as Kevin Knapp adds a Carl Craig vibe - simple beats and a wonky bass line trip out with Tolfrey’s narco chat. Perfect.

05: Rogerio Martins - I’ll Bring Ya Home (Original Mix)

Piston Label boss, Martins dishes up the finest slice of inspired house, waves of vintage warmth for an infectious groove. Euphoric.

06: Valentino Kanzyani - El Circulo De La Vida – Dub

Cadenza is Luciano’s label and as such you get tripped out house layered with sounds and percussive elements. Genius.

07: Audiojack - Plastic Dreams (20 Year Tribute)

“Oh no not more Jaydee Plastic Dreams remixes?”… Only if it’s a good one, right? This tribute plays outside the box… likely to get a few out theirs. Boom.

08: Viadrina - Viadrina - Spellbound - Lower East

This will blow your head right off… A powerful Diva vocal sweeps over a killer bass line and sends this into the stratosphere. Mint.

09: Chamboche – Anodyne

Elements of old school garage, deep house, and Detroit-esque pads. Nailed.

10: Lance Leber - Roundi 4, Spanish Chant (Original Mix)