Free Fringe founder in row with rival group

Free Fringe founder Peter Buckley Hill. Pic:  Jane Barlow
Free Fringe founder Peter Buckley Hill. Pic: Jane Barlow
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A ROW has broken out between Free Fringe founder Peter Buckley Hill and a breakaway group setting up a rival event.

In October, five members of the Free Fringe (FF) wrote to Mr Buckley Hill suggesting changes, including establishing a defined committee structure, more quality control and a subscription fee.

Mr Buckley Hill accused the group of providing him with an ultimatum and, in a letter sent to all members, said the comments were a “subtle smear”.

The five are now seeking to establish their own movement, using many of the same venues as Mr Buckley Hill.

London-based comedian David Mulholland, who is among those organising the new event, said they were “forced” to start their own organisation after being “blacklisted” by the FF founder.

Mr Buckley Hill said: “This is not true. They have not been kicked out. They may want to paint themselves as victims but they are not. I rejected some of their demands as being contrary to the principles of the Free Fringe.”