Fringe: Katie Mulgrew stands up for herself

Katie Mulgrew
Katie Mulgrew
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FUNNY woman Katie Mulgrew has brought her debut stand-up show Your Dad’s Not Funny to the Fringe. However, despite that title, best not to ask about growing up in the shadow of a comedy legend.

SO, I’m a comedian. I don’t just mean in a “bloody her in admin, she’s a comedian” kinda way. I mean in a standing on a stage with a microphone kinda way. That is the thing that I do.

My dad is also a comedian. A bona fide comedy legend, some would say. I too think the man whose loins my genetic fruit (probably a satsuma) has been picked from is indeed a comedy legend. However, using the word shadow to describe my childhood irks me somewhat. Yes irk. I am performing at the Fringe, I use words like irk now.

The word shadow implies darkness, fear, those horrible things at the end of the movie Ghost... and even more frightening, puppets.

None of those things reflect my life so far. Well, maybe the odd puppet.

My dad is Jimmy Cricket. He has been a rather successful comedian but I wouldn’t describe his career as being a shadow on my own.

I have a favourite frock that I bought from a slightly barmy woman who’d set up a clothes rail outside my local Co-op.

It’s brilliant and once when I was wearing it someone told me I looked like a poem.

One evening on holiday I spilt red wine on it. No amount of dry cleaning or Youtube video tutorials have cleared it up but I still wear it because it’s brilliant.

I don’t pay much attention to the stain myself. It’s often other people that are at pains to point it out to me.

Now, every time I look at the stain it reminds of that marvellous time I had on holiday.

So what it’s like growing up with the red wine stain of a comedy legend? Pretty alright actually.

• Katie Mulgrew: Your Dad’s Not Funny, Stand 4, York Place, until 25 August, 1.10pm, £7, 0131-226 0000