Fringe review: Boris & Sergey - Prepostorous Improvisation Experiment

Boris and Sergey
Boris and Sergey
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THE Omintorium is a funky wee venue tucked behind the grey building that houses the main George Square Theatre. Step inside and you’ll find some smashing shows, including this late evening improv puppetry.

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George Square Gardens

It’s the perfect venue for Boris & Sergey’s off-the-cuff humour - intimate, warm and lit like an old-syle touring emporium.

The show consists of two puppets six agile, quick-thinking, talented puppeteers, and the imagination of the audiences to craft the storylines..

The company is already gathered around a table, browsing a paper and chatting among themselves, as the audience enter.

Engaging from the very start, they set out the plan for the next hour... which is basically to wing it.

And so, plots are fleshed out by suggestions from the audience, no matter how offbeat - an ‘alligator prostitute’ walking along ‘Spectacle Street’ to encounter Donald Trump was just one bonkers setlist thrown at them, while ‘death by paper aeroplane’ delivered complete mayhem.

It’s a credit to their sharpness and craft that they make sense of it all, and deliver some daft but laugh-out-loud situations with two puppets that have no faces and yet, somehow, become more and more lifelike as the show develops.

They also invite the audience to chuck personal items on to the table for use as props - they got everything from a mobile phone to lipstick and a bottle of orange juice, which was happily tipped over one of the head of a puppeteer for fun.

Somehow it all ends in mass murder with a body count higher than an episode of Midsumer Murders - even those watching were among the cull.

A late evening gem well worth seeking out.

Run ends August 28