Fringe review: Running With The Firm, Zoo Southside

James Bannon's Running with the Firm
James Bannon's Running with the Firm
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IN a small darkened Studio at Zoo, Southside, a football fan appears behind the audience with the bloodcurdling chant, “Millwall! Millwall! Millwall! No one likes us! We don’t care!” Only he’s not a hooligan, he is an undercover cop.


This riveting auto-biographical piece by James Bannon is a salutory reminder of the courage of police officers, who, in order to pre-empt the wild animals in our society, must sometimes join them to beat them.

The brainless violence and yobbery of the Millwall syndrome during Bannon’s visceral performance is almost palpable.

It’s said that opportunity makes the thief, and this performance is a powerful reminder to society of the importance of nipping yobbery and other signs of anti-social behaviour or criminality in the bud, when it first surfaces. If we fail, then the likes of Bannon have to risk their lives to do our dirty work for us.

Until 26 August