Fringe review: This Is Brazil *****

This Is Brazil Pic: Sandra Vijandi
This Is Brazil Pic: Sandra Vijandi
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WELL, you can expect a few flights out to Rio when the Fringe is over. A super-sexy, super-funky celebration of Brazilian culture, This Is Brazil is such a sensory delight you just never know where to plant your eyes.

There’s break dancing footballers who could show the Brazilian World Cup squad a thing or three about ball control; Olympic ceremonial dancers who seem to defy the laws of gravity; and scantily-clad samba dancers who make Beyonce look like an unfit couch potato.

Oh, and a seriously frisky live band who mix funk, afro-beat and reggae to form a fresh style of music that’s guaranteed to have you shaking your derriere.

Like any country’s exported traditions, though, you sense this may be the Brazilian equivalent of America’s Highland Games - a bit cheesy and magnifying the stereotype. Or, you could just go with the freestyle flow of things and enjoy yourself.

Indeed, this is arguably one of the most accessible, something-for-everyone shows you’ll see all month.

Run ends 25 August