Games: Sick Kids Save Point | New releases

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FIFTY-NINE teams and individual gamers completed 24 hours of games in aid of the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh last weekend for the third Sick Kids Save Point.

Many streamed their marathons live online, including Scott Murdoch, who attempted to survive for 24 hours in the notoriously difficult zombie mode of the game Arma 2, and Chris Pilkington, who played nothing but wrestling games. The top player was Blair Thorburn in Canada, who raised £921.

After pledging to give away a code for their classic game The Ship for every pound raised, Edinburgh company Blazing Griffin’s website was swamped with requests. More than £13,000 was raised, and the figure is expected to rise further.

Sick Kids Save Point participant Alex Sievewright only played games based on movies. As we’ve mentioned before this is a genre peppered with stinkers. Sievewright played such horror shows as The Goonies, Wayne’s World, Waterworld and Cliffhanger.

James Bond however has been the subject of some decent games, most notably Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64. Tomorrow Activision release James Bond: 007 Legends (16+, PS3, Xbox360, £39.99) which is a first person shooter spanning Bond’s history. A celebration of the 50th anniversary of the film franchise, the game includes missions from various films. The choice of films included is mystifying though. Moonraker represents Roger Moore’s era, but is surely his weakest film. They also have a digitally rendered Daniel Craig playing Bond in every episode. Hardly a greatest hits then, although the Goldfinger-based mission looks promising.

Also released tomorrow is Doom 3: BFG edition (18+, PS3, Xbox360, £29.99) which is the 2004 PC game remastered and optimised for the current generation of consoles. Doom was a seminal franchise in the 90s but in Doom 3 players defend a remote base on Mars from demons and monsters that have been unleashed by an experiment. It lacks the apocalyptic feel of the original games, but it makes up for it in atmosphere. It is a terrifying experience, if a little linear. The original Xbox struggled with the lighting effects in Doom 3, but the shadows will be creepily rendered here. Packaged with all DLC and bonus missions, this represents a good buy.

Finally, parents will be dreading the release of Skylanders: Giants (7+, 3DS, PS3, Xbox360, Wii, £39.99 - £52.99). The idea of bringing your toys to life through your games console has been a smash hit, with more than 30 million Skylander toys sold. Giants introduces eight new collectible figures that are more than twice the size of the main Skylanders cast in both physical and virtual form. It’s an expensive hobby.