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The Hour

BBC2, 9pm, last night

IT has not been the most consistent piece of writing ever seen on the BBC, but for all its flaws – and a tendency to chuck modern dialogue into the mouths of 1950s reporters was just one of them – The Hour will be sorely missed.

Not just because it kept viewers strung out on a smoke and mirrors murder mystery that seemed at times to involve the entire British government and a whole gaggle of dubious spy types, or because of its tremendously stylish evocation of the news rooms of the 1950s.

No, what will be most sorely missed – and the final episode proved this more than most – is the chance to watch a trio of Britain’s finest acting talents in action. Fans of The Wire would already have known about the qualities of Dominic West, although to see him play such a different character in the naive, foolhardy Hector has been a treat.

The fact that he has been supported by the always excellent Romola Garai and Ben Whishaw has just made this a treat.

Here’s hoping The Hour is able to get back on the air.