Gareth Edwards’ TV Review:

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Embarrassing Bodies

Channel 4, 9pm

Anyone searching for a freakshow fix may well have had their appetite sated by The X Factor, in which a collection of impossibly egotistical wannabes shriek along to the ear-splitting background of a Wembley Arena-sized pack of cheering idiots.

For those not satisfied with the guilty pleasure universal hate-magnet Kitty Brucknell carrying out the most faked faint of all time, there was no need to fear thanks to a show in which the people might be normal, but the conditions they have can only be described as freakish.

Take Michelle, who was afraid to go to the toilet and with good reason thanks to an eye-watering complication with her bits that made spending a penny a gruesome nightmare. As if loo-phobia wasn’t enough, the ever-cheerful Dr Christian had to tackle Amir’s lactating nipples and Joseph, a man with two unsightly lumps on a place where no man should have them.

It’s a mark of just how disturbing this show can be that a segment about the effects of intensive chemotherapy felt like light relief.