Gareth Edwards’ TV Review 11/10/2011

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Signed by Katie Price

Sky Living, 9pm, last night

KATIE Price is famous. She became famous for being Jordan, the glamour girl with lots of front, but thanks to reality TV the woman behind the cleavage has achieved even more fame just for being herself.

Now the master manipulator has done it again, with a TV show that takes a little bit of everything people love and slaps the Katie Price brand on it.

Think The X Factor, but for people without any discernible talent and none of the moral scruples, and you still won’t be anywhere close.

Katie’s aim is to find the new her, which lent a crushing irony to her pep-talk that the contestants couldn’t be famous for nothing.

Of course, they won’t be – whoever wins through will be famous for winning this show.

Still, much like Miss Price’s literary oeuvre, there was no denying this was grippingly terrible, from the feeble attempts to make it a challenging competition to the inevitable realisation that it’s not about finding the new Katie Price so much as boosting the bank balance of the current one.