Gareth Edwards’ TV Review 13/10/2011

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Planet Dinosaur

BBC One, 8.30pm, last night

THEY might have died out millions of years ago, but with Jurassic Park back in the cinemas and this edu-tainment series trundling along on primetime BBC, dinosaurs are more popular than ever.

In truth, this has been something of a disappointment so far, with computer effects looking a little stilted and the dinosaurs themselves showing precious little in the way of personality.

But last night the show rolled out the big guns, with a look at the recently discovered fossils of the biggest dinosaur ever to stomp across the planet - the immense Argentinosaurus, which had backbones bigger than people and footprints so large the puddles that formed in them could drown an innocent passing lizard.

There was a tremendous sense of scale to these scenes, with the view switching from the giant herd to the stricken little creature trapped in a deadly crater.

As usual it all ended in a fight, with even something that large not able to avoid being preyed upon by fearsome killers.