Gary Flockhart: Lana adds colour to Glasto

Lana Del Ray. Pic: Comp
Lana Del Ray. Pic: Comp
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FESTIVAL season is now in full swing, and I managed to do Glastonbury last weekend... all from the comfort of my livingroom.

Indeed, while thousands were traipsing in the mud to get from one end of the gargantuan festival site to the other, I was among the millions who simply had to reach for the remote, thanks in no small part to the BBC’s blanket coverage of the event.

The Beeb comes in for plenty of stick, but for those who prefer ‘doing’ Glasto from the comfort of the armchair, this was ideal, with performances from more than 100 artists aired on TV, radio and online.

Tickets for the three-day bash sold out within hours, so there was little chance of me attending anyway. And with all my pennies squirrelled away for next week’s Cactus Festival in Bruges, this was a way to get something of the Glasto experience without forking out hundreds of pounds for the privilege.

Now, I wouldn’t go as far as to claim I had the same ‘spiritual’ experience as those attending – next year I’ll get the wellies on, pitch a tent in my front room, and warm a few beers in the microwave before sliding half naked through the mud in the garden – but I had a blast all the same.

Highlights included startling sets from big-hitters like Metallica, Arcade Fire, Jack White and, best of all, Pixies.

But I was also impressed by Lana Del Rey, who has had an iffy relationship with live performance in the past, to say the least.

Pitch-perfect she still ain’t, but the New Yorker – all movie-star cool as she served up her signature dark, cinematic pop noir – has clearly benefited from singing lessons.

Looking lush in a rainbow dress as she performed through sunshine and rain, Lana lit up the Pyramid Stage.

The sultry singer gets very nervous on stage, but did she have to light up a cigarette midway through?

I mean, I know it’s rock ‘n’ roll, but it’s not a good example to set.