Gary Flockhart: Lana needs to develop a thick skin

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So no sooner has my top tip for 2012 defied the throngs of haters to hit the No1 spot in 11 countries than she has declared she may never make another album after Born To Die.

Lana Del Rey says her major label debut contains everything she’d ever want to say in music, though I can’t help but think she’s bitter at the level of criticism that came her way after her now infamous - and admittedly shambolic - performance on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago.

Some of the most vitriolic reviews I’ve read followed, and that’s got to have hurt the Lake Placid singer. How could it not have?

Six months ago she was a nobody, but when Video Games hit YouTube last year she became an overnight sensation. It can’t be easy to go from being a complete unknown to being the most talked about new artist in the world. And it must be harder still to then go from being the ‘it girl’ to the whipping girl before your album’s even released.

But that’s what happened. As quickly as Del Rey had been dubbed music’s bright hope she was subjected to a merciless barrage of hateful criticism for everything from those bee-stung lips (so what if she had surgery?) to her authenticity as an artist because (shock and horror) she shelved an album as plain old Lizzy Grant before reinventing herself with a sultry alias.

If such experiences have left her disillusioned with the music industry then I suggest she grows thicker skin.

Critics can say what they want, but the record-buying public have spoken and Del Rey should be pleased that she’s having the last laugh.