Gary Flockhart: Lana’s just not cut out for live TV

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HERE we are in May and how things have changed. Lana Del Rey, who at the start of the year was universally hailed as pop’s new saviour, is actually a bit... well, rubbish, actually.

At least that’s what folks have been saying this week on Twitter, where everyone’s a critic, after the American’s performance on The Voice last weekend.

Given the amount of negative Tweets after Del Rey’s latest - admittedly sketchy - live outing, you’d swear there was never a time in the past when a big-name star had served up dross on live TV - Whitney Houston on The X Factor, anyone?

Del Rey has said in the past that she considers herself to be more of a songwriter than a performer and often gets very nervous on stage.

That probably explains why she has such a poor track record when it comes to these things.

Her performance on Saturday Night Live in January was dubbed one of the worst performances in the show’s history, while in March, when she appeared on American Idol, she came in for more flack.

Del Rey looked stunning in a white floaty dress on The Voice’s results show, but again, did nothing to convince her critics.

I said at the start of the year that she has the makings of a truly great star - and I’ll stand by that.

Live TV isn’t for everyone, though, and I’d suggest she stays off our screens until she sharpens up her performance skills.

So the girl has work to do, but that doesn’t make songs like Video Games any less close to pop perfection - at least on record.