Gig review: Alison Moyet

Alison Moyet. Pic: Comp
Alison Moyet. Pic: Comp
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AN energetic Moyet, may be flanked by two very talented chaps on an array of synths, keyboards and the occasional guitar, but for all their boxes of electronic tricks generate a fine array of sounds, the key instrument is of course Moyet’s formidable, fabulous voice.

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Usher Hall, Lothian Road

Lungs big enough to inhale the cast of several TV ‘talent’ shows and sneeze them out without notice, belt out notes which fill the Usher Hall gloriously - if she’s never been asked to do a Bond theme, someone’s missed a trick. The rafters are nudged higher still by the crowd, particularly as the obligatory greatest hits roll out although. Even then, there are twists and turns.

Moyet almost apologetically introduces Only You with the disclaimer “If you want to hear it like it was on the record, listen to the record.” She needn’t apologise: thanks to the arrangements, older stuff sounds fresh and the electronica weaves it all together blending the newer material to make one proper show in a way that other long-serving performers sometimes struggle to achieve.

Moyet looks every inch a timeless pop star.